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The project about the 'Diplomatic Letters' that is part of the TCF-project 'Digital Archive Systems at ANRI' resulted in eight articles that are written about these unique letters. These articles are bundled now and published online.

The articles represent the nature of the more than 4300 letters that were sent to Batavia during several decennia, and some of the answers to these letters. The eight letters that were selected are documented extensively and introduced scientifically. The Dutch texts in the original handwritings are translated into Indonesian and English to be accessible for a broad international audience. 

The bundle can be downloaded >>>

Go to: the homepage of Diplomatic Letters

plakaatboek voorbladA full text searchable index of the so called 'Plakaatboeken' has been created by the Corts Foundation and ANRI. For the first time this is published online. The index contains over ten thousand entries referring to the seventeen volumes that were published in print in the 19th century by the Bataviaasch Genootschap.

Many of the decrees or ‘plakaten’ (placards) were issued in public and nailed to the door of the Town Hall (Stadhuis) or other such visible public places in the 17th and 18th century. Most of the placards were meant to regulate the markets, public leases, institutions, population (most notably the Chinese) and public civil behaviour of Batavia. A number of other placards concern regulations for VOC personnel, trade, maritime matters, repatriation and salaries. 

See: homepage of the Placards index

DiplLettersA team of ANRI archivists, with Haris Budiawan and Yovi Purwono, in cooperation with two young researchers from Leiden University, Maarten Manse and Simon Kemper, completed a detailed entry of 4,423 records of the diplomatic letters in the Daily Journals of Batavia Castle between 1683 and 1744. These records give direct online access to the scans of the letters in the archive at ANRI, Jakarta. For the first time also, an overview of Indonesian rulers and their locations has been created, including the names as they appear in the sources, and their modern names.

In October 2014, Drs. Muhammad Taufik MSi was inaugurated as the new deputy of Conservation at ANRI.

InaugurationMrTaufik ANRI

Mr. Taufik will join the Program Board of the DASA project and will be closely informed about the project.

The Corts Foundation welcomes mr. Taufik, and congratulates him with his new position at ANRI.

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