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Full Title: ‘New Technologies and the Practice of Early Modern Global History: Studying Connection in a Connected World'

By Adam Clulow, 2019, in: Sixteenth Century Journal: The Journal of Early Modern Studies


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The Sixteenth Century Journal is the leading journal focused on publications (research articles and book reviews) about the 16th century. However, it’s field of interest is broadly defined, as is its time frame (1450-1648). In his article historian Adan Clulow stresses to use in a time of austerity at universities “New Technologies and the Practice of Early Modern Global History: Studying Connection in a Connected World” (See the first installment of the 50e volume).

Clulow describes the options for academic publications and research, which the ‘Digital Archive System at ANRI- project’ of the Arsip Nasional R.I. and the Corts Foundation (see:http://www.sejarah-nusantara.anri.go.id/ ) offer. In rich detail the development of the fascinating ‘Amboina conspiracy trial’ at Ambon in all its aspects is made clear; including the way it has contributed to the legal findings around the verdict (See: https://amboyna.org/ ). The article concludes by stressing the importance of the “The International Conference for Undergraduate Research” (See: (https://www.icurportal.com/ ). ICUR facilitates more than thousand students of eleven academic institutions to present in real- time their findings for a worldwide audience.

In this way Clulow shows the way how new challenges and myriad opportunities are offered as technology has shifted the contours of what is possible in unprecedented ways.

Read and download the full version in English (PDF, 0.2 mb) >>





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