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De Haan publications

National archivist F. de Haan has published impressive works at the beginning of the 20th century and formed the archive map collection.


The Corts Foundation rescanned four volumes 'Priangan' and three volumes 'Oud Batavia' and made them fully searchable and also online published the map collection at ANRI in Jakarta.



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- article Corpus Diplomaticum 




Hendrik E. Niemeijer

Arsip Pengurus Gereja Protestan di HindiaBelanda / Indonesia (GPI) 1844-1950

Jakarta, Arsip Nasional Republik Indonesia, 2010

232 pp. ISBN 978-979-3914-69-5



 The Protestant Church in the Dutch Indies (Indonesia) is the oldest church of its kind in Asia, going back for more than four hundred years. For a long time the Indonesian Christians considered it a bulwark of white paternalism. The Christians of Maluku, Minahassa and Timor aspired to obtain ecclesiastical independence. The central church authority in Batavia agreed in 1934 and 1935 with synod elections in Ambon and Tomohon. In 1947 and 1948 also the churches of Timor and Western Indonesia became independent. The Japanese occupation and the time of the Indonesian revolution meant a turning point in the history of Christianity in Indonesia.

This book is based on research into the archive of the church council, now present at the National Archives of Indonesia (Arsip Nasional Republik Indonesia) in Jakarta. The book also distinguishes a selection of documents regarding the Protestant Church during the time of the Japanese occupation (1942-1945). These documents have been published digitally on www.sejarah-gpi.org.




The Corts Foundation

is a Dutch non profit organization that uses the legacy of Kees Corts to perform history and archive projects concerning the former Dutch Indies, especially the period of the Dutch East India company, and end of the colonial period during World War II.





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Bangkok, Thailand


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